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Experience That Works For Redding

Experience has never been more important as major challenges and opportunities face Redding and Connecticut.


In my eight years in office, I've consolidated, cost reduced, and enhanced town services that have touched every department in Town Hall.


Critically important is the time I've spent and the knowledge gained in the successful victory of title to the Georgetown Wire Mill Property. 

All of these initiatives have improved the quality of life in Redding – AND restarted the future of Georgetown. 


I have a passion for our town, and a successful record of leading Redding, its operations, and the men and women who deliver its services — all within a rigorously vetted budget.


I'm excited to continue this work, and that's why I ask for your vote in the next election.



My priorities for the next two years

  • Gilbert & Bennett Wire mill: Assessment and planning process for a Transit Oriented downtown for Redding, with an updated Remediation Action Plan. Leverage relationships with federal and state officials to secure the $millions in grant funds required to complete infrastructure that is a pre-requisite to future development

  • Georgetown Special Taxing District: Resolve remaining financial entanglements within the district, dissolve the special taxing district

  • Long Term Strategic Planning for Redding's Future

  • Economic Development: Invest in our business districts to support opportunities for small businesses to thrive, complete the Georgetown Streetscape.

  • Community:  Build on existing communication platforms to engage with and inform the public, work towards a more inclusive Redding, support our cultural institutions

  • The Environment: Sustainable Redding, Reduce Redding's carbon footprint. 

  • Municipal Finance:  Maximize the value of every taxpayer dollar, to produce fiscally prudent budgets that support public services, maintain our roads, bridges and buildings, and Redding's most valuable asset, our schools.

  • Public Safety: Implementation of the Police Accountability Act
    Infrastructure that enhances our response to natural and manmade disasters

  • American Rescue Plan Funds: Work within federal guidelines to invest in our community so as to maximize the long term benefit of this once-in-a-lifetime grant

  • Schools: Develop strong working relationships with new administrative teams, support shared services, support school budgets that ensure Redding's reputation as one of the best school districts in Connecticut



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