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2013-2021 Accomplishment Highlights

From environmental and public safety, to consolidation and improved services

Selected initiatives and accomplishments during my first eight years in office:

  • Took on special interests and won: foreclosed on the Gilbert & Bennett Wire Mill in February 2021, protecting Redding’s interests and opening a path for the future redevelopment of the historic mill

  • Work begins anew at the Wire Mill: a $200,000 grant is funding environmental and infrastructure assessments, a prerequisite for future, larger grants

  • No tax increases for 3 years

  • New Revenue: $250,000 annually

  • Improved Services, Controlled Costs: re-organized departments, modernized operations, put services online

  • Protecting the Environment: $500,000+ in grants help to preserve Redding’s pristine natural resources

  • Transparency: Board of Finance and Board of Selectmen meetings are on public access tv Ch. 79 on accessible from the town website

  • Communication: Built Town Social Media presence to connect directly with residents and weekly updates.

  • Improved social services: with full time Director of Human Services

  • Bonded and completed: a large scale road reconstruction project

  • Rebuilt the town's 350+ page website as a comprehensive source of information

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